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yeah so i'm taking the url from this blog and moving it so as to essentially move this blog so you should go follow the new blog if you'd like not that i use this one much as it is

i won’t be using this one anymore probably so yeah

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"[TW: rape culture]
And when we frame all women as being someone’s wife, mother or daughter, what are we teaching young girls?

We are teaching them that in order to have the law on their side, they need to be loved by men. That they need to make themselves attractive and appealing to men in order to be worthy of protection. That their lives and their bodily integrity are valueless except for how they relate to the men they know.

The truth is that I am someone’s wife. I am also someone’s mother. I am someone’s daughter, and someone’s sister. But those are not the things that define me, or make me valuable in this world. Those are not the reasons that I should be able to live a life free from rape, sexual assault or any kind of violent crime.

I have value because I am a person. Full stop. End of argument. This isn’t even a discussion that we should be having.

So please, let’s start teaching that fact to the young women in our lives. Teach them that you love, honour and value them because of who they are. Teach them that they should expect to be treated with integrity because it’s a basic human right. Teach them that they do not deserve to be raped because no one ever, ever, ever deserves to be raped.

Above all, teach them that they are people, too."

I Am Not Your Wife, Sister, or Daughter. I Am a Person

This post is soooo good at articulating why it’s so harmful to have to relate women to men through their relationships with men

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CHEAP tank style binder for small chested guys!
One more thing that was SUPER cool that I found on Ebay, it’s a tank style binder that you can wear as a normal tanktop that comes in some stylin colors :0 With shipping to the USA it comes out to about $12.50, which is a steal for such a cute tank binder. Comes in 6 different colors and sizes Small-XXL!
Here’s some other color options that are slightly more expensive for some reason (they both appear to be the same product in different color sets):
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The only mystery worth solving.
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ahhh yes good to be back on the old blog

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